Zipper pouch / makeup bag (Button cube insert)

  • 130.00HKD

 Versatile zipper pouch great for organising small items.

- Add buttons for the option to combine 2 or more pouches together (see examples below)

- Add a personalised leather name tag, perfect as a gift for your loved one. (see example below)


20cm x 13cm

*New feature*!

Personalise your pouch by opting for a customised name tag!

(When you check out, please specify the name in the "Special instructions for seller" box, thank you!)

There are multiple uses for the zipper pouch:

1) Two or more combined

*This pouch does not come with button for this function, if you would like to add buttons, please select the option in the drop down menu.*

How to combine two pouches:

2) Use as an insert pocket for our button cube bags

Pocket for large cube bag:

How to insert zipper pouch into a large cube bag:

Pocket for small cube bag:

Perfect for organising small items!


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