About us

Brand background

AJYdesigns was founded in 2012 by Aubrey J. Yeung, a Multi-Media Textiles graduate from Loughborough University School of Arts and Design in England. Shortly after graduation, her first work experience was to work as a textiles specialist at the Cirque du Soleil costume workshop in Hong Kong. Her love and passion in designing with fabric lead her to a hobby and trade in the making of unique bags and accessories.  Each one of our designed items is handmade by Aubrey herself at home, with her trusty Singer sewing machine and her own hands. Each product can take up to 6 hours to make. 



With her background in textiles and art, Aubrey has acquired a large collection of good quality fabrics, with beautiful, interesting prints as well as good quality leather, sourced both locally in Hong Kong and worldwide during her travels to England, US, Taiwan, China, and Japan.


Unique designs

Once you own an AJYdesigns item, you can be sure that it is one of a kind, as we use that specific combination of fabric only once on each design. For an even more unique and personal experience, we also accept custom-orders where you may choose your own combination of fabrics and leather to suit your personal taste and style.