Tri-fold wallet

  • 200.00HKD

Fabric tri-fold wallet with leather card holder and zip pocket


Apple Pay and other electronic wallets are so common these days, all you need is a smartphone to pay for most things. No wonder handbags are getting smaller and smaller.

It is time to "Marie Kondo" your big chunky wallet and slim down to just the bare essentials. Doesn't hurt to lighten the weight on your shoulders either!

I have designed this minimal wallet to be lightweight and thin by removing unnecessary bulk from the notes compartment, whilst still keeping your money secure and safe.

Card compartment is limited to just one slot, which still holds up to four cards.

There’s also a small zipped coin pocket for the rare chance you get loose change.


Folded: 9cm x 8cm

Opened: 19cm x 9cm



Cotton fabric, natural leather (natural leather will become darker and shinier with age).



We welcome customisations.

Browse our fabrics collection here to choose a pattern for your wallet.

You may also request to alter the orientation of the wallet and zip pocket to accommodate your dominant hand.

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