Eco Produce Bag

  • 70.00HKD

Help the environment by replacing clear plastic bags with this natural burlap produce bag when you shop for fruits and vegetables!

With the growing amount of plastic waste affecting our environment, it is sad to see many supermarkets still providing rolls and rolls of clear plastic bags for fruits and vegetables.

Fruits are dry and already have a natural protective skin, I really don't see a reason for using plastic to store them. They're also not very strong for carrying fruits anyway.

Therefore I have designed this produce bag as a more environmentally friendly alternative to the plastic produce bags available in supermarkets everywhere.

This bag is made of natural burlap / jute fibre material it's loose weave keeps your fruits and vegetables fresh so you could also just leave them in the bag after shopping. (Not all fruits and veggies like to be in the refrigerator)

Burlap / Jute fibre is 100% biodegradable, making them very environmentally friendly.

36cm x 27cm
(Send me a message for custom size)

Cotton, natural burlap / jute fabric

Hand wash in low temperature and hand dry or machine wash in low temperature and dry half way in a drier in low heat.