Button clutch

  • 495.00HKD

Similar to our Create-your-own cube bags, this Button clutch is customisable! Consists of two parts, a piece of genuine animal leather and a fabric panel. The two parts are attached using snap buttons, giving users the flexibility to mix & match. Select multiple colours and prints in the drop down menu above!

Select additional fabric panels here and additional leather back here!



*Because of the nature of the designs, the position of the prints may look slightly different from the photo shown here.

Bag measurements:

 28cm x 18cm


How to clean: 


  • Wipe surface with a slightly damp cloth, allow to dry completely 


  • Detach from leather body
  • Machine wash with same colour clothing in cold setting (Colours may come off during the first few washes)
  • Iron with cotton setting (Avoid buttons)

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